Self-Care Challenge: February 2018

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly Self-Care Challenge!


We’ve teamed up with Courtney Bentley to bring you monthly wellness challenges that will hopefully motivate and inspire. If nothing else, sharing them with you will hold me accountable! This Month we’re talking self-care affirmations!

Self care is one of the first things to get eliminated when our lives get hectic. I chose Courtney Bentley to guide me in this process because she practices what she preaches. This is evident not only in her success, but also in the impact that she’s making on the lives of others. Her brand is all encompassing, and doesn’t just focus on one wellness category. I hope you will follow along so that we can hold each other accountable (and have a little fun in the process!) If you want to join along, make sure you hashtag #createluckxcourtney (you can also e-mail progress updates to if you’re old school like that!)

Take it away Courtney:

For the next 28 days it’s time to think about yourself like the beautiful, strong woman that you are. We are conditioned to think that we are not good enough by marketers trying to sell us the next quick fix to our so called “problems.” From quick weight loss techniques to photo shopped images, we are constantly bombarded with media messages about what we are lacking as women. Affirmations are reminders to shift your mindset from one that internalizes negative messaging to one that is confident. Positive affirmations can be extremely useful in causing fundamental change, not only in behavior and beliefs, but in external conditions of life.

Before we begin this challenge, I want to share with you exactly how I found my inner guidance and confidence system. I began by showing up for myself every single day. I told myself how amazing I was; I affirmed my greatness, and I allowed myself to be fit, fierce, and fabulous. I did this by working out, nourishing my body with healthy foods, and reminding myself of how awesome I really am. That negative voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough needs to hush! In order for it to do so, you need a system and a method that works.

These affirmations can be used throughout your day to shift your mindset in an instant. Use feel good affirmations that remind you of how awesome you are and watch as your day unfolds.

To do this challenge:
Write an affirmation that connects with you. You can change it within a week, but start with something simple to get used to the idea of telling yourself how amazing you are. I always enjoy starting with a self-love affirmation to kick start my way of choosing me always. Once you step into falling back in love with you and doing things that align with loving yourself, you can move into other avenues.
Say your affirmation at least 20 times a day. I suggest putting a reminder on your phone to ring every other hour and for you to repeat it at least 5 times during 4 alarms a day. Another fun way to support your new affirmation is to hide little post-it notes throughout your home, wallet, purse, or gym bag. Having these feel good messages fall out and remind you of how amazing you are can certainly change your day!
After the first week check in with yourself. How does this affirmation feel? Rate it on a scale from 1 to10, 10 being true, 1 being not true. After you feel it hits a 10, go a bit deeper. What else would you like to affirm in your life?

How to write an affirmation:
Affirmations must be in the present tense. Your subconscious mind does not think in terms of past, present, or future. If you say “I want to be an excellent swimmer” then your subconscious mind understands the statement of wanting. What you get is the wanting or desire to be an excellent swimmer, but not the actual ability itself. Instead say “I AM an excellent swimmer.’ Your subconscious understands this as a statement of your present reality, therefor making it so.

Some examples:
I am strong and healthy.
I am successful and confident.
I am unique and amazing.
I am beautiful and am worthy of love.

Throughout your day say your affirmations and feel the vibration of feeling good with that affirmation.

About Courtney Bentley:

A recovered self-hater, Courtney learned to love herself through movement. Her platform and top ranked podcast, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, have inspired thousands of women to practice self -love…Courtney also hosts Full and New Moon meditation workshops to showcase the mind, body, and soul connection.
Courtney is a recurring contributor to Channel 8 Las Vegas, and has appeared on Leading Las Vegas. Companies like, The Jackie Fame Network, and have featured Courtney’s expertise in proper exercise form, inspiring tips, and healthy habits. She holds certifications as a Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Sports Nutrition through Precision Nutrition.





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