VDay Gifts For Her

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be a huge challenge. Sure, there are classic go to gifts like flowers and perfume. But you don’t want it to look like you just grabbed a generic V-Day gift at the nearest drugstore on your way home. So for the man seeing the woman who has everything, we whipped up a quick gift guide to help you customize a Valentine’s classic to her taste and personality.

The Minimalist

She’s not into big showy gestures or frivolous knickknacks, but she does appreciate a token of affection. Choose something simple, clean, and possibly even a bit practical.

The Romantic

Valentine’s Day is probably her favorite holiday, and she’s looking forward to the sort of grand gift that will make her swoon. Choose something classic and decadent that doesn’t just say “I love you” but “You are my Queen”.

The Trendsetter

She’s always looking ahead, and more than anything she wants what’s new and unique. Choose something a little left of center, and even the most traditional gift of lingerie or sweets will surprise her.