Workout Class Round Up

Workout Classes in Las Vegas- Round Up

Four months into 2018, and you might be struggling a little bit with keeping up your resolutions to work out. If you’ve fallen off the wagon since January, don’t feel bad. Creating new habits is hard, especially when it comes to finding a workout regime that works for you. The key to keeping up with an exercise plan is to find a way of moving your body that feels good to you. If the exercise is something that you actually enjoy and that feels good, you’re a lot more like to stick with it. Hey, if you find something you really love you might actually look forward to your workouts! If you’re still searching for the right fit for your body, check out these unique studios and classes around Las Vegas.

Inferno Hot Pilates

workout classes las vegas
The first ever dedicated hot pilates studio in Las Vegas, Inferno offers a challenging full-body workout. Applying pilates principals in a heated environment strengthens muscles and burns fat in a low-impact way.





Orange Theory

orange theory work out classes las vegas
At OrangeTheory, workouts are designed to keep your heart rate in a target zone, stimulating the metabolism so that your body keeps burning calories for hours after the workout ends. With support from a coach, you (and your heart) will go at your own pace whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete.




Arial Yoga

Aerial Yoga - Workout classes las vegas
Taking yoga into the air with an aerial hammock increases muscle tone, flexibility, and mobility by taking pressure off the the joints and making it easier to stretch in correct alignment. Plus, the feeling of being cradled in a hammock creates an even deeper feeling of relaxation during restorative poses.




Xen Cycle

workout classes las vegas round up
XCYCLE classes use interval-training to take your cardio workout to the next level. Each nationally-certified instructor brings their own creative spin to their classes, from their music selections to their weights section. This locally owned studio focuses on community first, creating a supportive environment.