Fresh Florals

Spring means many things, but especially blooming flowers. There is no better time to bring beautiful colors and delicate fragrances into your home. Celebrate the coming of spring and brighten your space with a fresh floral arrangement. There are so many options to choose from, so here is your guide for finding, or creating, something that perfectly fits your taste.



If you prefer to keep things simple and elegant, stick with a minimalist arrangement by limiting yourself to a single color, just one type of flower, and a clear glass vase. The result can be anything from quiet and understated to bold and architectural.


If you’re looking to create a little romance, start with the right textures. Combine full, ruffly flowers like hydrangea and hyacinth with some delicate, lacy options like baby’s breath. Incorporate bright pops of color. Finally, bring it together with a vase in colored glass for a more modern twist, or hand-painted ceramic for a homey, rustic vibe.


Hoping to have a little more fun with your florals? Choose a decorative container in a playful shape. Celebrate the full range of the spring garden by incorporating fruit and even vegetables with your flowers. Think outside the box and be creative with your color combinations and silhouettes.



A classic never dies. For those with a traditional aesthetic, stick to the tried and true. Cut glass or silver vases, perfectly formed roses and lilies, symmetrical arrangements, and a simple color palette all work together to give your display a timeless look. Depending on your space, play with scale to take your flowers from graceful and modest all the way up to grand and stately.