Candle Round-Up

There is something universally comforting about a fire. The warmth, the gentle light, and the soft crackling of the flames create a sense of security. Even if you don’t have a working fireplace in your home, you can still enjoy the pleasures of a fire on a dark and chilly night with some strategically-placed candles.

We’ve rounded up our favorite candles and holders from Anthropologie and World Market to help you get started in creating your own beautiful display to light the way through winter.

Fill An Empty Fireplace
So maybe you have a fireplace which is no longer functional, or you just don’t want to go to the effort of building a whole fire. In either case, you can lay your hearth with candles instead of logs. Update this popular trend by foregoing the usual plain while pillars for elegant votive holders with a metallic accent.

#BigSwoon Shimmered Smoke Hurricane $40
Candle Shimmered

#littleswoon Eucalyptus Wood Gold Dipped Tealight Holder $20
Candle Eucalptus

Set A Mood
What brings back memories like a familiar smell? Create a comforting atmosphere with a favorite scent, or set the stage for holiday celebrations with something that captures the sense of the season.

#BigSwoon Fireside & Starlight Candle $40
Candle Starlight

#littleswoon Brown Cinnamon Stick Filled Jar Candle $10
Candle Cinnamon

Create A Centerpiece
Candlelight isn’t only for romantic dinners for two. Especially in an open floor plan, a beautiful centerpiece can be lit to bring ambience to your whole space at any time. Choose a gold or brassy finish to accentuate and enhance the warm glow of the flames.

#BigSwoon Tea Light Candelabra $88
Candelabra 2

#littleswoon Antique Brass Metal Tealight Candleholder $17
Candelabra 1

Stage A Vignette
You aren’t limited by the presence of a hearth or a big dining table. You can lay out a vignette with candles just about anywhere – a desk, a bookshelf, a bedside table, a kitchen counter. Pair your candles with books, greenery, or a decorative tray to make a statement that will look great even when the flames are out.

#BigSwoon Gold-Cinched Hurricane $50
Candle Hurricane

#littleswoon Silver Mercury Pillar $10
Candle Pillar