No-Demo Fireplace Rehab

Do you have a fireplace in desperate need of a makeover, but lack the time and budget for a full-blown demolition? There are things you can do to refresh and update your hearth without taking a sledgehammer to stone.

The Non-Functional
Maybe you love the look of your fireplace, but it’s been bricked up or is otherwise non-functional. This can make it seem awkward or impractical to highlight it as a focal point in your space. This is the easiest fix!

Simply filling your heart with candles allows even a non-functioning fireplace to bring light, warmth, and a sense of comfort to your home. From tea lights to tapers to pillars, to flameless LED candles (for a pet and child-safe solution) there are so many options! Play with height, color, and texture to add visual interest, and let your choice of candleholders and decorative accents change up the look throughout the season.

Need a little more inspiration to get you started? Try here.


The Naked Brick
At its best, naked brick or stonework can add rustic charm and a wonderful natural element to a space. At its worst, it can be dated, unrefined, and dingy, bringing down the vibe of the whole room. Staring at unattractive, unloveable stonework day after day might make you fantasize about picking up a crowbar and hammer. Luckily, a little paint will go a long way, with a lot less stress than a demolition crew.

Whether you opt for a color-match to the wall, a coordinated neutral, or a bold contrast, painting your exposed brick will instantly give your fireplace a cleaner, brighter feel. It will also create a visually simple backdrop for your space.

See some color inspiration here.


The Mantel
Instead of thinking demolition, think construction! Adding a mantel, or covering an old one, is a great way to give your fireplace a facelift. You can refresh a dated look, add visual interest, or expand an existing mantel that’s too small for your space.

The mantel itself can be a decorative element. You can keep it clean and simple, add a pop of color, or embellish with detailed molding. Once the mantel is in place, it becomes a stage: for a focal point in your room, a design vignette, holiday decor, and more.

See a step by step for making a floating wood mantel here.