Outdoor Entertaining Space

Were you inspired by the backyard rehab featured in the spring issue of A Magazine? Maybe we’ve got you longing to give your own yard a total make-over, but repaving the patio and overhauling the landscaping just aren’t in the cards this year. Never fear, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you get your backyard in shape for summer entertaining without calling a contractor.

Pull Up a Chair
An essential element to making guests comfortable is ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table, so to speak. Make sure that each of your guests has a place to get comfy, and everyone will feel welcome. We’ve rounded up plenty of options:
Is there anything more inviting than a hammock? Place one in a shady spot for a regular afternoon-nap spot for yourself and a fabulously relaxing seating area where your favorite guests can make themselves feel right at home.

rattan chair If you like the gentle sway of a hammock but lack a large enough space, try a hanging rattan chair instead. Natural texture and sleek design fit in with every outdoor aethestic, and adds a bit more novelty than a standard chair.

pink chairsYour outdoor space is the perfect place to go wild with color. Whereas indoors you might opt for neutral furniture with a few pops of color, your yard can handle bright pink chairs.

folding chairWhen space is limited, folding chairs make all the difference when company shows up. Opt for these elegant black and white striped cotton chairs over dull metal or plastic varieties.

Soften the Edges
Bare stone, wood, and metal can be attractive but not very inviting. Bring the indoors out in the form of textiles to soften things up a bit.

outdoor rugA rug is an excellent way to define a space within a large open room indoors, and the same is true outside. Use a bright rug to soften the appearance of a concrete or stone patio and to define a cozy seating area.

outdoor pillowEncourage your guests to settle in with a few plush pillows. This one in particular sets the tone for an afternoon of summer fun.

succulentsNo, plants aren’t exactly a textile. But plants have the same softening effect as fabrics do. A few succulents are an easy and low-maintenance was to add a bit of extra green to your yard.

Have Fun With It!
Comfort is key, but you don’t want guests to show up and take a nap! So add in some playful elements of fun to keep everyone entertained.

unicorn floatGuests could set their drinks on the edge of the pool, but where’s the fun in that? Let these magical rainbow unicorns keep your cocktails afloat.

beach ballWhether your guests like to lazily toss a ball around or divide into teams for a serious game of volleyball, you can’t go wrong with a classic pool toy.

ping pongSpeaking of classic toys, toss a ping pong set in the grass and encourage your guests to loosen up for a casual game.

For tips on how to put together a low-key poolside hang in your newly made-over yard, check out the summer issue of A Magazine, out now!