Seasonal Centerpieces for Fall

The holiday season has begun! For those of us who will be hosting family feasts and friendly get togethers between now and the end of the year, it’s time to start preparing our tables. Whether you love the classics, prefer to keep things simple, or have a flair for the dramatic, we know you’ll find inspiration for your perfect fall centerpiece here.


rustic CA rustic arrangement is ideal if you love for your parties to be low-key and relaxed. A simple and unpretentious centerpiece of gourds, pinecones, branches, and greenery combined with the natural textures of linen, burlap , or wicker will make your guests feel welcomed and at ease. Limiting your palette to neutral, earthly tones will add a touch of effortless elegance.


rustic A rustic B


If you’re hoping to recapture the nostalgia of family holiday celebrations gone by, try a more traditional centerpiece. As with rustic arrangements, you’ll use natural elements like gourds and  greenery, but with the more colorful classic fall palette. The addition of white candles, delicately patterned china, and richly colored fabrics will evoke happy memories of years past and set the stage for making new ones.

traditional Ctraditional A traditional B


It can be surprisingly easy to glamorize earthy autumnal elements; just add a bit of sparkle! Mercury glass accents, glitter, sequined or paillette fabrics, and ceramics are all ways to transform the humble pumpkin and make it ready for the ball. Play with with height and add a vibrant color pop in an unexpected shade to really bring the drama. And, of course, light some candles to really make it shine.

Glam C Glam B Glam A


For those who don’t like a lot of fuss, a minimalist arrangement is in order. Pare down to only the most essential elements: a few small pumpkins, a little greenery, some candles. Limit your palette to just one or two colors at most. You can include a simple, unadorned table runner, or go without. These centerpieces come together in a flash with little effort while still making your holiday table feel special.

Minimal A Minimal B Minimal C








Pumpkin punch bowl

The centerpiece may be the center of your decor, but that doesn’t mean it has to stand alone. Complement your artfully dressed table with additional seasonal elements around the room. We suggest getting creative with your pumpkins. Try using a pumpkin as a planter, a punch bowl, or a platter stand.


pumpkin planter

Pumpkin Platter Stand