Work It! 5 Ways to Work a Fur Throw or Hide Rug

Whether you opt for an authentic hide rug or an animal-friendly faux fur throw, there are plenty of ways to style these wild accessories. Use them to add texture, definition, and comfort to any space.

Over a chair

Throw Over a Chair
Even simple plastic seating can be made to feel plush and inviting with the addition of a fur or hide throw. Turn a hard spare chair into a luxurious perch for your favorite guest.

layered rug

Layer Over Another Rug
Add texture and visual interest to a space by layering hide or fur over an existing carpet or area rug.

on a bench

Cover a Bench
A long bench goes a long way in expanding your dining room seating. Make sure those extra seats are just a comfortable and welcoming to guests as individual seats by adding a soft hide or fur.

reading nook

Create a Cozy Nook
Rugs are a super effective way to define space within large rooms. Use a small hide rug under a comfy armchair and little side table to create a cozy reading nook.

edge of bed

Drape At the End Of the Bed
Like whipped cream on top of a sundae, top off your winter bed with a fur throw. This final, completely indulgent layer of softness will maximize your sense of coziness on the chilliest nights of the year.