Unique Easter Egg Fillers

Easter is a popular holiday among little kids for a lot of reasons: bright colors, new clothes, cute animals, Easter baskets, egg hunts, and (unfortunately) lots and lots of candy. If you want to create a special holiday experience for your little ones that avoids a massive sugar rush and the inevitable cranky-making crash, one easy option is changing up the prizes in the eggs at your egg hunt.

When we were kids, adults liked to swap jelly beans and chocolates for pennies, Bonne Bell lip balm, and little plastic army guys. Today, we want to surprise our little ones with even more special prizes.


Make cracking open that plastic egg an event! You can stuff a little confetti into each egg to accompany other prizes, or use it all by itself. If you’re only putting prizes in a few special eggs, use confetti in the “empty” ones to keep the hunt fun and festive.

Seed Packets

Anything that encourages kids to spend time outside is good in our books. Stuff a few eggs with seed packets and your little one can spend the rest of the spring and summer learning about plants and watching things grow!

Colored Chalk

If your kids love arts and crafts, chalk can be a great Easter egg filler. It can be used outside on the sidewalk or indoors on paper, and unlike some other art supplies, chalk is easy to cut to size to fit a small plastic egg.

Water Balloons

Easter marks the end of Spring Break, so give the kids something to remind them that summer vacation isn’t far away. Stuff your eggs with water balloons, and encourage kids to start planning a big water fight to celebrate the end of the semester.


End your Easter egg hunt with a big surprise this year. Choose tickets to the movies or a museum or a theme park, put them in an egg, and hold that egg back during the hunt. Once everything else has been found, drop the egg somewhere obvious and pretend the kids missed it. When they open it, their reward is having a family adventure to look forward to!