Six Scarves for Fall

Scarves are the perfect accessory for fall. They’re stylish, they don’t mess up your hair, and they come in a huge range of cuts and fabrics, which means you can always find the perfect scarf for any weather and any occasion. We’ve selected six scarves in six styles that will put the finishing touch on your fall wardrobe and then carry it cozily into winter.

Half the fun of wearing a scarf is experimenting with ways to wear it, so read to the end for a sampling of some of our favorites!

10:18 pashminaPashmina Style Shawl $10

Available in a range of colors, and featuring a twill weave, this Pashmina Style Shawl is one of our most versatile picks. Simple enough to wear as a scarf during the day, and elegant enough to wear as a shrug or shawl with cocktail attire, you’ll find yourself reaching for this super-soft, fringed beauty again and again.



bigswoonHermes 36″x36″ Silk Scarf $395

A true scarf enthusiast knows that nothing compares to a classic Hermes. These elegant silk squares have been iconic since the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wore them. These are the most lovingly crafted scarves in the world; one takes 18 months to complete down to the last hand-stitched hem. If you’re going to spring for a luxury scarf, this is the one.


littleswoonFall Floral Silk Scarf $50

For those not quite prepared to invest in the scarf preferred by Queen Elizabeth, there’s this beauty. The same iconic shape, made from 100% silk, and a pattern classic enough to make you feel as elegant as Grace Kelly, even without the royal budget.




10:18 wing shawlFeather Wing Shawl $56

A hand-painted shawl is a great way to give your look a bohemian vibe. These unique wearable art pieces are available in a range of fabrics, and feature digital printing of hand-painted designs. Wear strategically draped to show off your wings, or wrap as a scarf or turban for a compelling color pop.


10:18 infinity scarfWomen’s Infinity Scarf – Sylvia Alexander $20

If you love scarves but you find yourself constantly getting tangled or re-adjusting, it can cause some of the charm to wear off. The infinity scarf solves those problems; the ends are sewn together to give you one continuous loop that you can throw on and go. This one comes in an autumnal plaid that adds the perfect rustic touch.



10:18 chunky knitOversized Chunky Knit Tassel Scarf $25

Maximize coziness in this oversized scarf. The chunky knit gives you big, fluffy comfort without a ton of weight. Casual, fun, and irreverent, this scarf is ideal for your outdoor seasonal activities like apple picking and hayrides.




546c593c4c885c884271876383fc1fd8Leather Scarf – Leather Couture

From local A Magazine favorite Leather Couture, something completely different for the truly bold fashionista. These unique leather pieces will take even the simplest fall outfit to a totally new place.




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