Fashion is a Language- So Watch Your Mouth

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” -Miuccia Prada

Fashion IS a language- and I like to think I speak it semi-fluently (although what I’m “saying” via my wardrobe may not always translate the way I hope it does). So tonight, with my brain almost entirely numb from an online shopping marathon and a half bottle of red wine warming my belly, I want to discuss something that has been weighing heavy on my chest. Literally.

The Graphic Tee.

It’s cute, comfy, and pairs well with a fitted blazer.  It’s expressive (I mean it literally speaks for itself). And it can essentially take your totally-candid-car-selfie from pointless to “point taken, gurrrrl!”.

My problem is not with the graphic tee itself. My problem is with the messages that we, a group of empowered, intelligent, independent women, are choosing to wear boldly across our chests (while begging to be taken seriously).

Let us perv a couple of examples…

graphic tee five

graphic tee over it

“Over It”. Literally every time you look in the mirror you’re just like “yup, still over it”.

graphic tee one

“Dont Know and Don’t Care”? Might I suggest caring….about anything. Seriously, ANYthing. Global warming, homeless youth, rescuing animals, politics, being a good friend, your job?

grpahic tee sleepy 2grpahic tee sleepy

Can you imagine a dude wearing a shirt that says “I Need a Nap Bro”? When did women become so inexplicably “tired”? You know what ya’ll need? A cat nap, a cup of coffee and something to really rev your engine. Get inspired- I promise you’ll perk right up.

So my fashion-hungry lady friends, I leave you with this…

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect graphic tee, I beg you, veer away from the apathetic and run fast in the direction of the positive/motivating/inspiring. While you’re there, grab one for a friend., because she could probably use a little positive reinforcement. #GOALS

graphic tee

Fashion IS a language. So watch your mouth ladies, because the “Universe” is always listening!

– “Create Luck” (and yes, I have that printed on a sweatshirt, ha)