Gallery Wall How To and Rainy Day Fun

Gallery Wall How To
I’m not going to front and say that my kids artwork is all amazing…some pieces are like “what the fuu%*?”.  BUT, I will say that a matted Pottery Barn frame can turn almost any kids attempt at art into a wall-worthy masterpiece.

 Here are some helpful tips for creating your own art work gallery wall:
1- Leave any preconceived notions of what’s beautiful at the front door
2- Pray for the best, and plan for a mess
3- Inhale and exhale deeply three times, this is seriously going to get messy folks
4- Let them imagine, create, and paint
5- Frame (I suggest using the Pottery Barn Gallery Frame Set in link below)
6- Measure and hang- or if you’re like me, just start hammering and hope it works out
7- Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your child’s labor

**If you don’t have kids I still urge you to get out a paint brush, a tub of glitter, and some paper and see what comes of it! *


You can purchase the Gallery in a Box set from Pottery Barn here —>
Or you can find fun assorted frames at HomeGoods, Ross, local antique malls or even thrift shops. However, I do suggest including a matte as this gives the art work a more “finished” look.
God Speed!
-Peace, Love, Properties
“Create Luck”