New Year’s Rezy’s and Must Haves to Help You Kick Off 2015

New Year’s Rezy’s and Must Haves to Help You Kick Off 2015
Sometime’s it can be hard to jump right into the New Year after months of holiday festivities. If you’re anything like me, your stomach and home are probably feeling stuffed to the brim and your trashcan is full of empty wine bottles and shattered ornaments. Christmas morning my skin starts to itch as I watch my children stack piles of new toys on my living room floor. Where will I put them all? We’re already at capacity here people!! The walls start to close in around me and I’m suddenly lost in a sea of tinsel and guilt. My kids don’t need any of this.

Write check to local charity to ease feelings of guilt

And then, there’s December 26th, the day when the loss of the long-anticipated Christmas Day finally sets in and I fall into an unexplained depression. I’m so happy it’s over, but I’m so sad to see it go. I’m so confused. God bless the Hallmark channel for easing me into the new year with an extra week of Christmas movies featuring single moms and cute puppies.

Well, ready or not, the New Year is here!

Have you thought about who you want to be this year?

Every year my resolutions are pretty much the same: be more present, be a better mom, put out for my husband a bit more, wear hot shoes, dance more, get a tighter butt by dancing more, and kick more ass at work. I always like to de-clutter, clean house, and purchase a couple of new things to jump start my year.

Here’s my go to list of purchases for the New Year…

1) A New magazine subscription– I stumbled upon Domino magazine the last time I traveled to LA. I was desperate for something other than an OK! Magazine but, sadly, I’ve never been smart enough to complete a Sudoku puzzle. I paid a whopping 11$ for this Domino magazine- and surprisingly it was well worth it. I recently went online and signed up for a year subscription for just 45$- much easier to swallow. Remember when your Highlights magazine came in the mail? How excited were you? Well that’s exactly how I felt when my first Domino showed up! Pop over to when you have a moment and find a magazine that excites you. If you think it will get you through 30 minutes on the treadmill, move forward with the purchase!

2) New bed sheets– I don’t know what went on in your bed in 2014. And I don’t want to dive into what went down in mine. But, I think we can all agree that there is something gloriously refreshing about a new set of sheets! Pottery Barn is having a great bedding sale, but I also love Overstock and Macy’s for basic sheet sets. If you want to get cray cray you can go for a new comforter, but if your significant other is anything like mine you may not want to rock the boat this early in the year!

3) A New perfume or cologne scent– Scents have this amazing ability to transport you to a certain time and place in your life. Choosing a new scent is just another way to set the tone for your new year. This year I chose a scent that’s softer and more floral than normal. Maybe I will relax and smell the roses a bit more. Probably not, but it smells delicious.

4) New running kicks and/or workout gear– If you Google “New Years Resolutions” you’ll be hard pressed to find a link that doesn’t have mention of “losing weight” or “getting fit”. Hundreds of new “gym-goers” will pack into already full spin classes, and squeeze into coveted gym parking spots only to decide (after less than a week) that they will wait until next year to get fit. If you want to get fit, I don’t blame you. I fully support you. And I encourage you to buy a new pair of workout shoes or a hot new pair of LuLu pants, because half the battle is looking the part. Dress for success (or sweat, in this case)…and it will be yours.

5) New socks and underwear– Jan 2014: Total pairs of matching socks 14. December 2014: Total pairs of matching socks 4.
WTF?! Don’t ask me where socks go. I don’t even think the good Lord knows. Bottom line is this-they disappear, and you probably need new ones.

6) A New throw blanket, throw pillows and a scented candle that smells like men’s cologne and whiskey. If I could I would redecorate my entire house once a month. Unfortunately for me, and most of the population, that’s just not realistic. Praise be HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Ross for their cheap throw blankets, throw pillows and candles. For $100 or less you can transform any room in your house. If you want to take it to the next level spend an extra $100 on a couple of coffee table books that you’d actually want to read. There’s something about a newly redecorated space that makes coming home at the end of a long day exhilarating.

7) A New coffee cup– My day doesn’t start without coffee. If you’re one of those “warm-water-with-lemon” types, good for you, but with two kids under the age of 4, coffee is my Truth. At some point during this past year, I talked my husband into making me coffee before he leaves for work in the morning. I swear this has changed my marriage! Unlike dish sets, or table settings, when it comes to coffee cups you can buy just one and it doesn’t have to coordinate with anything else you own, or even make sense. I have coffee cups with funny sayings on them, coffee cups with a Spanish flare, and floral coffee cups just because they’re pretty. If you’re anything like me you coffee cup is the first thing you see when you wake up, and it doubles as a wine glass. So spend $4 on a coffee cup that makes you happy.

In an effort to be less OCD this coming year, I’m going to end this list at number 7- an odd number that makes me very, very uncomfortable. When making list, I tend to stop at number 10, because it’s nice and round. Well not this time bitches! 2015 is here, and Momma’s making big moves!

Thanks for reading (or at least skimming) my blog post this past year. And thank you for being a part of my journey in one way or another. Cheers to a New Year, a New You, and as always, New Shoes!

Peace, Love & Champagne!
– “Create Luck”