Shop Local Saturday

I don’t discriminate. I especially don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping. Online, in-store, or via catalog, if it’s a good deal, I’m “there” (virtually, or, err, whatever)! I’m a shopaholic by nature, and an entrepreneur by choice. Luckily for me, Small Business Saturday (also lovingly referred to as Shop Local Saturday) is this idyllic little union of the two. To some, Small Business Saturday may simply mean spending money without feeling as guilty as you normally would. To me, it’s a social responsibility.

**Quick side note before we move on: According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance, one study showed that local retailers return on average 52% of their earnings to the local economy, compared to just 14% for national chain retailers **

So, as Black Friday looms in the distance (or shall I say lurks indiscreetly all over my Facebook sponsored ads), I feel the need to post a call to action! Let’s shop locally! Let’s support the dreams of small business owners! Let’s lift our fellow “Doers” up and allow ourselves to be inspired in the process of doing so. Let’s water the creative seeds that have been planted by our neighbors, and grow together. Let’s spend some money, bitches!

I’ve compiled a list of just a few of my local favorites. These small, local, and family run businesses are making a big splash in this desert oasis town of ours. They’re also making me broke.

J. Glenn
The Short: Home Decor and Accessories for the Fabulous!
The Long: Witty, sarcastic, and borderline offensive cards for every occasion. Coffee table books for him, her, and every geek in between. Handbags, jewelry bags, and weird bags with cats on them. Funky pillows, paper weights, and table top decor so fine no one will even notice you served yesterday’s leftovers. Jewelry made from old cars (Porsches and Benzos- duh), and coasters that will make your mother-in-law cringe!


702DTLV blog-2B702dtlv
The Short: Self Proclaimed “Unique Boutique for a Unique City”
The Long: Bullet necklaces, deliciously cute beer koozies, and leather bound golf journals. Inspiration journals, inspirational jewelry, and inspirational silverware (are you inspired yet?). Wall art, statement pillows, and bath soaps that make bathing in your own filth totally worth it!



Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo
The Short: Local Artist + Leather Couture = “Fashion/Fine Arts Lovechild”
The Long: Edgy, custom, leather couture (vegan options available too- don’t trip!). Vibrant, colored leather pieces adorned with positive, graffiti-like affirmations. A collection of “Hey look at me! Look at me!” pieces for which you’re sure to get stopped on the street! Men’s bow ties, women’s jewelry, and custom handbags to dress up your exterior. Fine art for those of you looking to dress up your interior.


JoJo’s Jerky
The Short: Jerky for those who like it hot!
The Long: Beef Jerky. Enough said? No? Ok….All natural ingredients, no preservatives, and made with love <3 Perfect for stocking stuffers, gift baskets, and late night noshing. Assorted nuts, and dry rubs always make for a good time. Stop in and sample a flavorful, low calorie, tongue-sweating treat!



Blu Marble
The Short: “Bottling up the Good Times”
The Long: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” just got a lot more interesting. Patron condiment bowls, wine bottle tumblers, candles, custom glass jewelry, light fixtures and more! Wine bottles so perfectly re-purposed you’ll want to drink more! Bring in your own bottles, and make your own creations!

If you live in Las Vegas, I dare you to check out any, or all, of the shops above! If you’re already supporting one or more of these shops….go You! If you don’t live in Las Vegas, I challenge you to seek out local businesses that speak to you in some unique way, and support them however you possibly can.

And if you find yourself lured to a local Target at 4am this Friday by the siren call of 50% off on a 60in Samsung TV, don’t worry…no judgement here. Just promise me you won’t forget about Saturday!

Peace, Love, Properties
– “Create Luck”