Starbucks Pleasantries. Life Epiphanies. And getting Rich by making Friends!

A colleague of mine wrote a blog post a while back entitled “Drive Thru- F You!” that really made me stop and think. Kind of funny that it’s taken me this long to touch on it, but let’s just say that this blog post is an extension of what I think he was getting at (along with a bit of my usual quest-for-happiness mumbo jumbo)

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Sometimes we fail to pause. If I’m speaking for myself, I’ll say I almost always forget to pause. I fail to pay attention to my surroundings, and I miss daily opportunities to be inspired. I walk into Starbucks with my head down, eyes staring blankly at my phone (if I stare hard enough I may actually get a Facebook like- or a poke- but no one likes to be poked). I look up briefly to order my coffee, because the Barista is my homie- duh. Then I walk over to the counter and wait, with my head down, until my order is ready. Don’t get me wrong, I have my Starbucks regulars that I’ll stop and chat with about the Real Estate market, or shoes. But I don’t pause for long. I run from appointment to appointment, and then home. By the end of the day my eyes hurt, and I feel completely, and utterly….disconnected.

My life coach once asked me to write down a list of things that made me happy- like tangible, real life things. I like being outdoors- but I rarely spend time outdoors. I like the theater- but I rarely go. I like thought provoking conversations with strangers, old friends and new friends, business associates, and mentors- but I couldn’t possibly fit a coffee date into my schedule more than once a week. I also love wine- but that’s beside the point. The point IS…we all know what makes us happy. So why aren’t we doing more of those things? I personally, wasn’t doing them because I simply wasn’t making time.

For example. When I walked into Starbucks with my head down, staring at my phone, was it because I was actually checking my phone? Or was it because I thought I didn’t have the “time” to engage with another human life form? I dare not make eye contact and risk losing 5 minutes of my day to these dreaded Starbucks “pleasantries”.

Now come’s the AHA!

Life is really just relationships. From the day you’re born you begin to interact with others, and through these interactions you learn about yourself and about others. One day you grow up. You make a good living for yourself. Or you don’t. You fall in love. Or you Don’t. Either way, you meet lots and lots of people along the way. And then one day, if you’re really lucky, you’re sitting there on your death bed thanking God that you’re fortunate enough to have friends and loved ones by your side. Because that’s all that life comes down to in that moment.

So the good news is, if you don’t have any meaningful personal relationships you can start creating them today. The even better news is, most of these personal relationships will blossom with such intensity that they will spill right over into other aspects of your life. For example, I sell houses. I also make friends. My friends need to buy houses. Boom!
Let’s all make lots and lots of friends and get rich doing it!

Peace, Love, Properties
– “Create Luck”