The Energy Audit

Cleaning is to spring what getting fat is to December. Seemingly out of nowhere, or simply due to peer pressure, spring brings with it the sudden urge to purge. I frantically roam the house with that crazed look in my eye – the one that dares my husband to challenge me. I fill trash bags to the brim while bursting out into what can only be explained as maniacal laughter. I feel powerful. I feel brave!

If you’re an OCD, type A, organizational enthusiast like me you normally categorize your clutter into one of three categories: throw away, donate, or keep. I think labeling your “crap” is a crucial part of the justification process. It makes the tossing part just a tad easier.

I’m going to safely assume there are other areas of your life that would benefit from the same approach (a little less maniacal laughter, of course). If you’re willing to invest a weekend to
de-clutter your house, you owe it to yourself to spend the same amount of time, or more,
de-cluttering your mind and your heart space. If you’re ready to lighten your load check out page 88 of the spring issue of A Magazine for our “Life Audit” checklist.