A brief lesson In grATTITUDE

Sometimes I avoid saying how grateful I am for fear of sounding as annoying as other people sound when they say it. I’m grateful for most things, big andsmall, still, I don’t feel compelled to update my facebook page every time I hit a green light. Well today, I feel compelled (no, I didn’t have wine with my cereal).

I think sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the amazing things we create in our own lives. If something goes wrong, we have no problem blaming ourselves. But, if something goes right, we attribute it to luck, being in the right place at the right time, etc.

Twenty-nine years, two beautiful kids, a loving fiance, and a great career later and I’m finally starting to believe that I deserve everything I’ve been given and that, in some way, I’ve created. I think about my good fortunes and I can easily attribute 99% of them to the people who have come, and gone in the past 27 years.

So my “emo” feeling for today is this:
If everything you do comes from a place of good intentions and sincerity, then the Universe will take care of you (be it financially, emotionally, whatever). If you want something, ask for it–you’ll be surprised at how rarely you’ll hear “no”. And the more you hear”yes” the more unstoppable you will feel. If you always let your moral compass guide you, insane opportunities will present themselves and you’ll be in a place to accept them without feelings of guilt. And finally, let good people into your life, and prepare to be educated, inspired and fulfilled.

So cheers to everyone who has ever mentored me, loved me, broken up with me, and waved at me when I let them pass on the freeway (all too rare these days!).

Peace, Love, Properties
-Create Luck