Not only do your mother-in-law, hairdresser, and boss all have Twitter and Instagram accounts, but their pets do too. And if you’re watching them- you can safely assume they’re watching you. Conveniently, while overexposing ourselves to the point of no return, we’ve also stumbled across a cheap and insanely effective way to manage our own PR. We are who we say we are when it comes to the world wide web. If I post a picture of a glass of champagne and a colorful assortment of Macaroons atop my crisp white hotel sheets you can safely assume I am classy, well-traveled, and wealthy enough to afford to eat macaroons in bed while the rest of the world is sitting in a Starbucks drive through. I can also post a picture of my 2.5 year old finger painting with a caption that reads “making art for Daddy” and no one will ever know that moments before the picture was taken I scolded my child for getting paint on the couch, threw a paint brush across the room, and simultaneously sent “daddy” a hate text.

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. Being an avid facebook checker myself, my advice is this: Keep it positive, no one wants to hear you complain about your job, your kids, or your breakup. Be yourself and don’t over promote. And lastly, know that if you photoshop you will always, always get caught. The truth will set you free people.
Now for the fun part- take this online quiz to see what kind of “sharer” you are.
Peace, Love Properties
– “Create Luck”