Spring Clean Yo’ Life “Peeps” (Shameless Easter Pun intended)

We’re half way through March and, if you’re anything like me, I would imagine you’ve already forgotten about the New Year’s Resolutions which you so faithfully subscribed to earlier this year. By now all of the unopened holiday gifts you plan to re-gift have made their way into one of your hall closets (or the already-at-capacity garage) and your space may be feeling a bit…uh, cluttered. Here are some of my tips for Spring Cleaning your mind, your body, and your abode!

Abode– Pick one room per week to de-clutter. Start by separating items that don’t have a “home” into 3 piles: Keep, Give Away/Sell, or TBD. Put all of the TBD items into a box and store it in the garage. If you don’t pull anything from the box in the next 2 months, you can proceed to Give Away/Sell. If you do decide to sell items, I suggest a user-friendly app called Poshmark. However, if you decide to donate the items, spend a couple extra minutes Google-ing local charities that could use your forgotten treasures!

Abode– Liven up your living room with a couple of bright new throw pillows, a funky new lamp, or a vibrantly colored floral arrangement. If you dare, buy a house plant (just don’t ask me how to care for it)!

Abode– If you have an outdoor dining table, create a cheery and whimsical outdoor dining space (and promise to use it once a week). I recommend going full tilt with the table decor. I like the idea of using mismatched plates, brightly colored stemware and patterned napkins.  Some inspo pics—>
Nothing speaking to you? Make your own plates! Here’s how:

Body– If you haven’t already, take 30 minutes out of your day to make all of your Doctor’s appointments for the year. SUCH a pain in the ass, but you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders- I promise!

Body– Clean out your insides. I suggest a 1-3 day juice cleanse to start. My favorite is the Suja Fresh Start Program (http://www.sujajuice.com/suja-fresh-start/) If you’re new to juice cleanses, the following website has a lot of helpful tips/information:


Body– Get creative with your dinners. I don’t know about you but after 4+ months of winter-esque pot roasts I’m ready for fruits, veggies, and a good ol’ piled-high-ensalada! Here are some yummy salad recipes I found on Pinterest (Question- who were we before Pinterest? Did we once rummage through cookbooks and grocery store aisles looking for meal inspo? How archaic.)

Mind– Make amends with someone. If you have unfinished business with someone now is the time to finish it. Send them a hand written letter, or a Facebook message (if you’re lazy like that). Don’t expect the person to reciprocate, and try your very best to leave all of your expectations at the metaphorical door. It’s not about them apologizing in return, or even understanding your point of view, it’s about you letting go of excess baggage.

Mind– De-clutter your brain by creating a good old fashioned To Do list. Categorize items by Do This Week, Do Next Month, or Do This Year. Keep the items specific and…well, DOable! Just getting things out of your head and onto a piece of paper can free up a lot of head space and mental energy.

Mind– Splurge on something fancy that makes you want to work harder or look better. I’m not suggesting you buy something that gives you a momentary rush, then leaves you feeling all sorts of guilty a day later. But purchase something  a little bit outside of your comfort zone that forces you to do better. I know most real estate agents like to reward themselves with something special after they close a deal. I prefer to buy myself something special BEFORE I close a deal, because nothing motivates me quite like an AMEX bill laying on the kitchen counter.
Cheers to a Sunny Tomorrow!
Peace, Love & Properties.
– “Create Luck”