Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

If you didn’t get that I was emphasizing “collaborate” with my usage of a larger font size then let me be blunt- what the hell happened to collaboration!?

Those of you who keep up with Nevada Real Estate news may or may not have heard about the most recent investigation into the practice of Dual Agency, specifically in relation to short sales. If not, you can read about it here:

Let me backtrack a bit. I started in Real Estate in 2005. The world hadn’t gone paperless, we had yet to be hypnotized by the i-phone, and there was still something to be said for hand delivering an offer to the listing agent’s office. The glory days of Real Estate are over (for now at least). You’re lucky to get an automated response from a listing agent that confirms receipt of your offer. Agent to Agent remarks often read “No calls, text with questions” or “No showing, multiple offers”. Translation- I have a pocket buyer that has already made an offer and this listing will go from Available to Pending before you can gas up your Realtor ride.

*QUICK REMINDER: We got into this business because we are relationship people. We joined an Association of Realtors and agreed to cooperate with our fellow salespeople.*

While Dual Agency is not inherently unethical, the unprecedented rise is short sales has created a niche for a greedy few to monopolize the marketplace, not only doing a disservice to their Sellers but to the Banks and us “cooperating brokers”.
Let me be clear- this blog post is not an agent bash, it’s precisely the opposite. It’s a call for cooperation. Let’s get back to basics! Let’s market properties openly and fairly and get back to doing what it is we do best- building relationships. Hell, let’s meet up for coffee once in a while and share marketing strategies. Let’s all strive to come from a place of abundance where there is plenty of money to be made, plenty of clients to go around and plenty of new friends to make along the way.

Peace, Love, Properties
“Create Luck”