The Suite Life- An Anniversary Post

office picI remember this day so well! I walked by my now office on the way to a meeting down the hall. I stopped and stared in the window, fogging up the glass with my overexcited, heavy breath. My little Dan brain started to race as I thought about all of the fun and magical things I could create in this space. I went home that night and put all of my would be office furniture into an online shopping cart. I planned a new “Office Dan” wardrobe (very Downtown chic). I played out fake office meetings in my head, and swore that if I were to get it I would drink only champagne for lunch. It was only 300 sq feet and I had absolutely no need for it, but my gut told me that it would be the beginning of something. But it was the beginning of everything! This office has been the birthplace of AMagazine and countless meaningful relationships. It’s where I decided to dive head first into design, and where I really do drink champagne for lunch. It’s where I do all of my writing (and crying), but most importantly it’s the place where I turn on and allow myself to create. Long, emo story short, I’m renewing my lease