The Suite Life

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Let me first stay by saying, I’m fully aware that millions of people have office spaces. I’m not the first person to lease an office space…I get it. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about making a commitment to myself and taking a giant leap in what I feel is the right/only direction. My office, all 305 square feet of it, isn’t just a “work” space, it’s a creative sanctuary. It’s my zen-good juju-happy place where I can share ideas with like-minded peeps, fill the walls and table tops with decorative homages to Palm Springs, and applaud myself for simply showing up every day!

As a creative, and relatively independent person, I’ve never underestimated the importance of a space to call my own. Ironically, the space that I now call my own, is the one that I’m most excited to share with others. So much more to follow…

Champagne and Creative Juices, served daily. Stop on by!

-“Create Luck”