Work Hard, Play Hard…and Find Your “Why” While Doing Both…

Work Hard, Play Hard, and Find Your “Why” While Doing Both…

I could barely sleep last night. ‘Twas like the night before Christmas, and all through my house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse my 9 month old. I tossed and turned as I thought about what the following day had in store. And now it’s here, today is the day! We’re going to Disneyland! I don’t care how old you are, how bitter you are at the world, or how much you hate crowded theme parks in 90 degree weather…there is still a 7 year old child that lives inside all of us. And that child still believes in magic, sugary churros, extravagant street parades and face paint.

Which brings me to my thought for the day…

If you read or listen to any book, blog, key note speaker or webinar that touches on good business practices, you will ultimately end up asking yourself the same questions- “What is Your ‘Why’? Why do you do what you do?”.

I used to do (and still do) Real Estate because I love the art of negotiation. I love finding out what makes people tick and then delivering the type of service that meets and exceeds all of their expectations.

 <I’m a people pleaser if you hadn’t already caught that>

Fast forward to 2011 when I had my first child. I went back to work just 5 weeks after my daughter, Dylan, was born. I often felt guilty for spending time outside of the house and away from my family. Work felt like it directly competed with being a “good” Mom but I knew I needed to work- work made me feel happy, confident and secure. So I powered through 2011 and 2012 with a little help from my therapist and a lot of Starbucks. In 2013 I had my second child, Maximus. I managed to take a full 3 months off after having him, but the same wave of guilt flooded over me when I decided to go back to work. Real Estate isn’t 9 to 5, and sometimes that means interrupting play time to take a quick call. As hard as it was for me to understand at the time, being a working Mom was leading me to my “Why”.

If you ask me today what my “Why” is, the answer is simple (but wordy). I do Real Estate because it helps me set an example for my children. Real Estate gives me an opportunity to show my kids that through hard work, positive thinking and a little bit of “luck creating” you can have whatever it is you want out of life. I want my kids to understand that sometimes getting what you want involves a bit of sacrifice. I want my daughter to know that you can be a mom, a wife AND have the career of your dreams without ever feeling guilty or ashamed. I do Real Estate because it means I decide when I work and how hard I work (almost always hard). And most importantly, I do Real Estate because it allows me to take time out for play!

In the words of Mr. Walt Disney himself ” Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.”

Peace, Love, Properties
– “Create Luck”