“You Have As Many Hours In a Day As Beyonce”

6:00am- Alarm Clock goes off
6:15am- Shower
6:30am- Kids wake up
6:35am- My good friends Stress and Anxiety show up for breakfast
6:40am-10am- Get both kids showered, dressed, fed, put on makeup, curl hair, find proper outfit, spill kids food on proper outfit, change
10am- Nanny shows up to save the day
10am-5pm- Try to accomplish all 45 of my ToDos. Rush around town with a knot in my stomach wondering if I’ll have time to do it all. If I’m lucky I’ll finish all of my work ToDos by 3pm. Then come the more daunting decisions. Should I squeeze in a work out?¬†And what about my nails? They haven’t been manicured in 3 weeks! But, that would mean pushing off my blog post until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll work out tomorrow and blog today? Screw it, I’m getting my nails done! (Can you see how this internal dialogue gets exhausting?)

If the concept of time is subjective- then what we decide to make time for says a lot about who we are and what we value. I used to have lots of time on my hands- I spent it running up the corporate ladder, working out, reading, catching up with friends, and scrap booking (don’t judge). Hell, I even made time to attend a group meditation class once a week. I had a lot of time on my hands, and I chose to spend it on myself. Those were the days.

(Give me a moment, I’m still reminiscing…)

Then I got married, had two kids, and watched my Real Estate baby grow into a fulfilling and all-consuming career. Time became scarce and spending it on myself suddenly felt selfish and wasteful.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I came across the following quote:

While it would be dangerous (and slightly psychotic) to even begin to compare myself to Beyonce (God Bless that Woman!) the quote spoke to my frazzled inner child. Granted I don’t have a full staff, millions of dollars in the bank, a personal chef, and a booty you can bounce a quarter off of- BUT I do have the same 24 hours in a day.

Ironically enough, focusing all my energy on the scarcity of time has been one big waste of time. I tallied up the hours I spend waiting in my car outside of an office building or Starbucks (I’m habitually early), the hours I spend watching mind numbing Realty TV shows (anything with the word “Housewife” in it), and the amount of time I spend standing completely still, contemplating whether or not I’ll have enough time left to do BLANK, and you know what?! I found an extra 4 hours a day! Just like that….Time MAGIC!

So last week I chose to spend my time a little differently. I had an amazing 3 hour brunch/gab fest with a friend, got that much-needed manicure and still managed to close two escrows, and open escrow on a new listing. My mind was quieter, my clients were just as happy (if not happier), and I felt more present than I have in a while.

Spend a little extra time on yourself this week. If you don’t take of yourself, who will?

Peace, Love, Properties!
– “Create Luck”