You Know You’re a Grown Up When…

30 Is The New 20…Unless You’re Turning 30, In Which Case It Feels More Like 50…

As my 30th birthday looms overhead, casting a dark shadow upon my weathered skin, I find myself coming face to face with a very grim reality. I’m all grown up. The wrinkles in my forehead have grown deeper, and I live in constant fear of what may happen if I don’t wear a full-support bra to bed. But I refuse to just lie down and die. Thirty is going to be my year! I’m going to be like the super grown up, more patient, better dressed version of my Twenty’s self. My Thirty’s self is going to be fab-u-lous!

So, in honor of my almost 30 years on this Earth, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things that make me feel like a “Grown Up”, or put bluntly “Old”. (I would list 30, but my days on this Earth are suddenly feeling numbered…)

1- I make my bed every morning before I leave for work. There are approximately 45 throw pillows and a throw blanket (obvious signs of maturity).
2- I pay my bills on time because I actually care about things like my credit score and ability to finance large purchases.
3- I take supplements. Lots and lots of supplements. And I’m still convinced that chasing them with a glass of Santa Margarita is what’s keeping me young and agile. Cheers!
4- I’m able to drink socially, and in moderation. I don’t always choose to (see: Cabo San Lucas), but I know how to.
5- I work fresh flowers into my grocery budget every week. Even worse, I just bought $300 worth of silk flowers because I got sick of changing the real flowers out on a regular basis. Fake. Silk. Flowers. Enough said.
6- I send Thank You cards out and try to always RSVP on time because if I don’t my conscience will eat away at my soul until one day, three months down the line, I find myself calling to apologize for my despicable behavior.
7- When my husband talks about how ridiculous women with Botox look, I just nod my head in agreement. I would scowl and disagree, but my forehead doesn’t move 😉
8- Walking through Forever 21 makes me feel like 21 was FOREVER ago.  Who are these girls wearing midriffs and combat boots, and why are they biting my 90’s style? I wear a large hat, a tattered rocker tee and over sized sunglasses to hide my sagging old lady face.
9- I catch myself sounding like my Mother at least 15 times a day. And I’m Grown Up enough to understand that she was actually right (most of the time).
10- I post pictures of my kids on Facebook…like ALL of the time.
11- I craft. For fun.
12- I find myself talking to fellow Starbucks goers about stuff like IRAs and 529 plans.
13- I have a therapist, a life coach, a financial planner and a personal stylist at Nordy’s because at 29 I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything.
14- I use 91 octane gas because that’s what grown ups who care about their cars do. I think.
15-I treat my parents to dinner whenever I can because it truly makes me happy.

Bring it on 30….

Peace, Love, Properties
-“Create Luck”