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Simply put, Halloween is my jam! It always has been, and it always will be. It's an enchanted holiday that brings with it brisk fall weather, and the unmistakable smells of fake fog and pumpkin innards. Truth be told, I never cared as much about the candy or the costumes as I did about the "magic" of it all.
marriage-2BunderwaterTwo years ago today I stood at the alter and ugly-cried my way through hand-written wedding vows. Two days ago I finally got up the courage to take my husband's last name. Today I'm a Bruni, and I wouldn't have it any other way. In honor of my second anniversary I've compiled a list of the top ten things I've learned about men (my husband specifically) during the past two years of marriage.

30 Is The New 20...Unless You're Turning 30, In Which Case It Feels More Like 50...

As my 30th birthday looms overhead, casting a dark shadow upon my weathered skin, I find myself coming face to face with a very grim reality. I'm all grown up. The wrinkles in my forehead have grown deeper, and I live in constant fear of what may happen if I don't wear a full-support bra to bed. But I refuse to just lie down and die.

Work Hard, Play Hard, and Find Your "Why" While Doing Both...

I could barely sleep last night. 'Twas like the night before Christmas, and all through my house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse my 9 month old. I tossed and turned as I thought about what the following day had in store. And now it's here, today is the day! We're going to Disneyland! I don't care how old you are, how bitter you are at the world, or how much you hate crowded theme parks in 90 degree weather...there is still a 7 year old child that lives inside all of us. And that child still believes in magic, sugary churros, extravagant street parades and face paint.
6:00am- Alarm Clock goes off 6:15am- Shower 6:30am- Kids wake up 6:35am- My good friends Stress and Anxiety show up for breakfast 6:40am-10am- Get both kids showered, dressed, fed, put on makeup, curl hair, find proper outfit, spill kids food on proper outfit, change
Not only do your mother-in-law, hairdresser, and boss all have Twitter and Instagram accounts, but their pets do too. And if you're watching them- you can safely assume they're watching you. Conveniently, while overexposing ourselves to the point of no return, we've also stumbled across a cheap and insanely effective way to manage our own PR.
The PEW Research Center recently did a study and found that an alarming 67% of cell phone owners check their phone (or phones, plural) for messages, alerts, or calls- even when they don't notice their phone ringing of vibrating.
If you didn't get that I was emphasizing "collaborate" with my usage of a larger font size then let me be blunt- what the hell happened to collaboration!? Those of you who keep up with Nevada Real Estate news may or may not have heard about the most recent investigation into the practice of Dual Agency, specifically in relation to short sales.


Today my friend Leslie (who will later be referred to as only "Dani's Friend") and I had the pleasure of taking a one hour tour of the Zappos headquarters in Downtown Las Vegas. My infatuation with Zappos all started in 2012 when I was shopping for 8 pairs of matching Converse shoes for my soon-to-be-husband and his groomsmen.