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                 Throwing Money Into Your Home Without Throwing Money Away

              Let me just come out and say it- putting $50,000 of work into your home, doesn't directly translate into an additional $50,000.00 in value, or an additional $50,000.00 on an appraisal. End of story. I can't tell you how many Sellers have spent half of the initial listing consultation explaining to me why they want to list their home $100,000 higher than the comparable homes in the neighborhood. I'm a good REALTOR, but I'm no miracle worker. Installing a grotto that fits 20, a movie room with 15 sub woofers and a popcorn machine, or wall papering the entire house is your prerogative. I'm not here to advise against any of the above. It's your space- love it. But when it comes time to list it, you may have to face the harsh reality that your man cave was not necessarily the best "investment".
Sometimes I avoid saying how grateful I am for fear of sounding as annoying as other people sound when they say it. I'm grateful for most things, big andsmall, still, I don't feel compelled to update my facebook page every time I hit a green light. Well today, I feel compelled (no, I didn't have wine with my cereal).
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where I first began my career in real estate ten years ago. I moved to the las vegas area in 2008. It’s no secret that the market was undergoing some major shifts at that time. bright-eyed and eager to get my feet wet, I dove head first into all things real estate and managed to make it out alive (and hungry for more!). Knowing that the economy is ever changing I’m constantly looking for new niches, expanding my knowledge base, and broadening my sphere of influence. I have active real estate licenses in Nevada and California.