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If you've read any book about economics (I think I read one in college?), you've undoubtedly come across the ever-present, and always subjective, concept of  “the opportunity cost of your time”. www.BusinessDictionary.com simply defines “Opportunity Cost” as: A benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else....

We're half way through March and, if you're anything like me, I would imagine you've already forgotten about the New Year's Resolutions which you so faithfully subscribed to earlier this year. By now all of the unopened holiday gifts you plan to re-gift have made their way into...

A colleague of mine wrote a blog post a while back entitled "Drive Thru- F You!" that really made me stop and think. Kind of funny that it's taken me this long to touch on it, but let's just say that this blog post is an extension of what I think he was getting at (along with a bit of my usual quest-for-happiness mumbo jumbo)
Gallery Wall How To
I'm not going to front and say that my kids artwork is all amazing...some pieces are like "what the fuu%*?".  BUT, I will say that a matted Pottery Barn frame can turn almost any kids attempt at art into a wall-worthy masterpiece.
New Year's Rezy's and Must Haves to Help You Kick Off 2015 Sometime's it can be hard to jump right into the New Year after months of holiday festivities. If you're anything like me, your stomach and home are probably feeling stuffed to the brim and your trashcan is full of empty wine bottles and shattered ornaments. Christmas morning my skin starts to itch as I watch my children stack piles of new toys on my living room floor. Where will I put them all? We're already at capacity here people!! The walls start to close in around me and I'm suddenly lost in a sea of tinsel and guilt. My kids don't need any of this.
I don't discriminate. I especially don't discriminate when it comes to shopping. Online, in-store, or via catalog, if it's a good deal, I'm "there" (virtually, or, err, whatever)! I'm a shopaholic by nature, and an entrepreneur by choice. Luckily for me, Small Business Saturday (also lovingly referred to as Shop Local Saturday) is this idyllic little union of the two. To some, Small Business Saturday may simply mean spending money without feeling as guilty as you normally would. To me, it's a social responsibility.